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Cessna CE-550B Charter Flights - Light Jet
Passenger Capacity: 7

Airspeed (mph): 397

Cabin Width: 4.8

Cabin Height: 4.7

Cabin Length: 16

Baggage Capacity: 74 ft3

Range: 1700

Lavatory Style: Enclosed


By 1994, the Citation II and S/II had been in production for 10 years, and it was time to integrate new technology. Cessna thus announced the development of the Citation Bravo. While it was built on the basic S/II airframe, the new aircraft was powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW530A engines.

The main landing gear was replaced by the smoother-riding trailing link configuration adopted by other members of the Citation line, and the standard avionics suite was updated to the Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS glass cockpit. The new aircraft first flew on April 25, 1995, but certification did not come for over a year, finally being granted in August, 1996. Production of the Bravo finally ceased in late 2006 after 337 copies were produced.

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