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We introduce you to a revolutionary, new aircraft management program that is exclusively offered by Century Jets Aviation. In the past many aircraft managers have represented to prospective aircraft owners that they would realize thousands of dollars of savings through discounts and the charter of their aircraft would reduce or totally eliminate cost of ownership.  In most cases reality proved very different and the cost of ownership turned out to be much higher.  We have turned this theory on its side by basically guaranteeing a reduction in your cost of aircraft ownership.

Our aircraft management program is very simple:

• We cover most operational costs to include aircrew, aircrew training, hangar and scheduled maintenance.

• You pay for aircraft insurance (at our discounted fleet rates) and the direct cost for flights you fly.

• No management fees - We make our money by chartering the aircraft when you are not using it. And you will have access to our other fleet aircraft with the same arrangement- you will only pay the direct cost for flights you fly on these aircraft.

We have been in the aviation business for over 20 years and have extensive management and maintenance experience.  If you are interested in significantly reducing your cost of aircraft ownership and dealing with a very capable long standing management company please call us to discuss your situation.

We would be happy to have you as one of our aircraft management clients.

Century Jets

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